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LOCATION  Port Aransas, TX

PROJECT SCOPE  Vacation Blog

Condominium Consulting & Management Services, LLC (CCMS, LLC) was established in 1984 and provides oversight for vacation rentals in the beloved Texas beach town of Port Aransas. Properties entrusted to their care include the towering Sandcastle, Sea Gull, and Gulf Shores condominiums. 

CCMS relies heavily on internet traffic for their business. Their blog is a key factor in website ranking and getting in front of future guests, and they also use blog content in email campaigns. With this in mind, we focus content on things that are of genuine interest to people traveling to Port A and helpful information for those heading to Port Aransas for the first time. This project is particularly fun for me since I lived in Corpus Christi for 7 years and traveled to Port Aransas often!

The audience for the blog has a wide range. People traveling to Port A could include young couples, older couples, friend groups of all ages doing a getaway, or families going on vacation. This makes for a large buffet of content options, and we are never running out of things to talk about. The voice for the blog is friendly yet informative, providing both an entertaining read and a helpful resource. Featured below is the first post of a new series called the "Island Spotlight," where we highlighted the well-known coffee shop, Coffee Waves. I was able to interview the owner of Coffee Waves and provide readers with insider information on this community-oriented coffeehouse.


CCMS' General Managing Director, Casey Patterson, and I share the same alma mater: Texas A&M University at Corpus Christi. We connected on LinkedIn and began working together on their blog shortly after. I'm still trying to convince him that I need some complimentary condo stays for "content research"...

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