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INDUSTRY  Religious Organizations


LOCATION  San Antonio, TX



Crossway Bible Church is a non-denominational church in San Antonio, TX (and is also my church home!). I was able to assist with their website copy, which needed pages for church leadership, deacons, and a few ministries. Their Home and Culture pages did not need the help of a copywriter, since Crossway had already established key phrases for their mission and distinctives (you can view those here: Home, Culture).

Crossway's voice is clear, simple, and urgent. The website audience includes current members and those looking to visit the church. We wanted to provide helpful information, an easy navigation, and a clear picture of what to expect and how to engage. The Church Leadership page features the staff and a short bio for each of them. We included relevant ministry training and education as well as some personal and family details. The ministry blurbs provide an overview of practical information, ministry philosophy, and easy access to more information.


The Deacons page needed to explain the church's position on an important theological topic. I was provided with resources that represented the church's position and was tasked with creating a page that clearly and thoughtfully explained the issue.

Crossway recently purchased the old Gold's Gym building on 281 and Brook Hollow and is renovating it to be their new worship center. I used to take pilates classes with a friend at this Gold's Gym location — soon I'll be worshipping with my church family there!


church leadership page

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Screen Shot 2021-11-07 at 7.42.20 AM.png
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ministry blurbs

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deacons page

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