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INDUSTRY  Real Estate


LOCATION  San Antonio, TX

PROJECT SCOPE  Web Copy & Web Design

Grant Wilson is an accomplished investor and home renovator. In 2019, he launched his own real estate firm, helping buyers choose quality properties and optimize their financing. It was important in this project to highlight Grant's unique background and the value it brings to his clients. The theme of his financial expertise and residential property knowledge is highlighted from different angles throughout his website.

On his Home page, we speak directly to his target audience's pain point with the headline: "Does buying or selling your home feel overwhelming?" We then offer a solution — his capable shoulders to bear the burden. In the second block on his Home page, we back up our headline by showing how his experience specifically benefits his clients: well-informed financial decisions, confidence in a home purchase, and passive income potential.

The tone for this project was confident, knowledgeable, and professional. It also needed to feel personal and welcoming. We kept the About page focused on how he can serve his clients, but also included some fun personal details at the end to add some warmth.

Grant's services page takes a more in-depth look at what he offers his clients. We worded this page carefully in order to not misrepresent what he offers. Grant is not a lender, but his experience in finance needed to be front and center. We used the word "finance" instead of "lending" or "financing" to avoid any confusion.

I was able to not only provide the copy for his website but also the design and layout. Grant uses Chime, a platform made specifically for real estate agents.

Grant started investing in the stock market when he was 19. His father gave him $1,000 to invest, which he turned into $5,000 in less than a year. Pretty impressive, Grant.

home page

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about page

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services page

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