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INDUSTRY  Mortgage


LOCATION  San Antonio, TX


Legacy Mutual Mortgage is an approved HUD Lender and a member of the Texas Mortgage Bankers Association. They have been in business since April 2005 as a full service mortgage banking company originating, underwriting and closing conventional, FHA, VA, Texas Vet and USDA mortgage loans. Legacy Mutual has been recognized as a Top Employer in San Antonio, Austin, and Fort Worth.


With a growing marketing strategy, Legacy needed a copywriter to create blog posts that would educate and entertain their audience — and help them with SEO. Legacy's goal is for buyers and realtors to think, "oh, Legacy always posts good content!", when they are looking for information.


The main audience for the blog is the general public and buyers, and their secondary audience is realtors and referral partners. The tone for the blog is friendly, informative and fun. Memes and emojis are welcomed, which makes their blog a fun project! For the post featured below, we wanted to engage with first-time homebuyers. Since the average age for a first-time buyer is early 30's, we chose humor that would resonate with that generation and made sure to define some real estate and mortgage lingo.

In addition to creating blog content, I provide on-page optimization for SEO including long-tail keyword research, meta titles, meta descriptions, and image alt texts.

I look forward to continuing to serve Legacy's customer base by providing helpful — and fun to read — content for their blog!



I used to work for a homebuilder, and my office was right next to our Loan Officer's. I overheard countless conversations about mortgages, rates, and guidelines, and even sat in on loan applications a few times. Writing this blog takes me back to exciting times of waiting for the coveted news: "clear to close!"

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